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Online Sales

"Excellent choice of products, fantastic website, delivered on time."

Mr Roy, Watford, Herts
"Great establishment, fantastic service as always"

Mr Hordmaan, Emirates Stadium, London

"I ordered from Gayways online my new shiny Chainsaw, and Lawn Tractor, and discovered Gayways actually have a premium service which they themselves deliver to my house, fully assembled, tested, and demonstrated. Incredible and might I add a unique service. All the best!"

Mr Woeginger, Fulham

Technical Sales

"I would like to say a big thanks to Peter Busak from your technical sales division and the rest of the team at Gayways. We came to you with a rather unique problem, and after thorough investigation from yourselves, you’ve provided a great solution. We’ve increased productivity by at least 30% and the outdoor equipment we are using are much more comfortable for our operators. We will definitely be dealing with you again very soon."

Steve Burgess, South London

"Would like to say a big thank you to Gayways, for advising our School on the right outdoor equipment. Our annual budget is tight as always at the school, and we never really researched deep enough why our cost were so high for purchasing maintenance equipment. We always shopped at the big sheds, and picked up what we thought was the right products. These products always failed due to poor quality, and poor back up on parts. Since then, we had been referred by another local school of your service, and purchased through your recommendations. The quality of products speak for themselves. Our maintenance teams perform their job quicker, more efficiently, and of course all equipment is backed up with parts being available! Thank you."

Mr E.D Pearce, Barnet

Repairs and Servicing

"Gayways were fantastic to work with, especially because they provided me with a fast and reliable service, I dropped off  several equipment for repair, and it was returned to me within 4 days, I would recommend Gayways to anyone who needs a machinery repaired"

Hardy Landscapes, Sussex
"I took my lawnmower for servicing for the first time to Gayways, and really appreciated a professional approach they had undertaken with me. Communication was excellent at all times. Definitely recommend to friends and family."

Mr Abraham, Golders Green, London
"Gayways repaired my equipment when I needed it the most. Great advice, fantastic turn-around on repairs. The Repair Facilities they have on their premises are excellent. I have great respect for Gayways and they come highly recommended."

Bush Brush Cleaners, London
Appreciate the fast repair, and servicing work carried out for my equipment. As you can imagine, in the height of the season we cannot afford to have machines fail us, and when they do, Gayways can turn it around within a few days. That’s exactly the type of company I need to be dealing with in my line of business.

Mr N.Fisher, Pinner


"I couldn’t believe it when Gayways were able to source a part for me, when the parts I required was obsolete. They have great stock retention. An ‘absolute’ gem!"

Mr Broadhurst, Hampstead

"Just wanted to highlight that if you buy product from a specialist dealer, like Gayways, then you don’t have problems sourcing parts from them. I used to buy my kit from B&Q and of course like many others, when it comes to parts, your at a dead end. The only benefit from that B&Q trip was that their own staff suggested I come to you. And what a place you have I must add. Got my part, happy days. Will be using you again for sure."

Mr M.Higgins, Secret Gardens, Ealing


"Wow what a fantastic showroom you have! I was so impressed at the amount of Lawnmowers, Chainsaws, and Brushcutters you had in stock. The demonstration you provided on the Stihl range was very interesting and informative. The staff were very knowledgeable too! Great customer service, I will be definitely seeing you again soon!"

Mr D.Myers, Feltham

"You don’t find many establishments like Gayways, personal, knowledgeable staff, with fantastic range of products.  I used to come here with my father, many many years ago, now I have my own little ones, and it’s fantastic to have a local business like this still around."

Mr Edmonds, Denham

I have to admit, for many years, I shopped at the big sheds, and just picked up what I thought was the right product. Until I saw my (friendly) neighbor cutting his lawn. Why was it that his lawn looked better than mine? How is it that he finished his job quicker than me? Why is it that he seems not to struggle when cutting his lawn? So I politely asked him. That afternoon, I went straight into Gayways showroom. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Immediately I was seen to, and explained by problem. Advice was second to none, step by step guidance, and felt I made the right choice. Good quality products available for all users, even me! Thanks again guys.

Mr D. Simmons, Uxbridge

"I have been visiting this establishment for many years, and everytime I appreciate the staff spending quality time going through vast array of products. I have much land that must be taken care of, and in today's day and age, we must learn to use better tools, to make labour work more efficient. So if you want 1.Qaulity, 2. Choice 3. Best advice. Go to Gayways showroom."

Mr A.Korsah, Chief Ghana

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