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Review Guidelines

Where can I read product reviews?

The average star rating for each product is shown when you click through to a product page. Clicking the Rating tab on the product page will show all customer product reviews in detail.

How can I add my own?

You are able to review any product in our entire catalogue. To do this we ask you to first register an Gayways account - it's free and only takes a couple of minutes - then follow these simple steps:

  • Find the product you would like to review
  • Scroll down and open the Ratings tab
  • Sign in to your account if prompted
  • Select an overall star rating
  • Enter a title and write your review
  • Click the Submit Review button
What makes a good review?

Thoroughly using your new tool before writing a review will help you form a good all-round, relevant opinion of it.

When writing a review keep it clear, informative and concise. We suggest considering:     

  • Describing positive features / benefits
  • Giving examples of how you use it
  • Assessing quality and value for money
  • Suggesting how it could be improved
  • Comparing it to similar alternatives

Potential buyers of the product you're writing about will be reading your review so keep them in mind and include:

  • Tips on how to use the product to its full potential
  • Information that you would find interesting that isn't in our description
  • Any practical modifications you've made to enhance the product

When will it be published?

Our product experts read all reviews to ensure they are relevant, so your feedback may not be published immediately.

These specialists know our range in great depth and act on your feedback as necessary - this thorough approach ultimately helps us improve our product range.

Please note: we may also publish your reviews in our promotional material.

My review was published but now it has gone!
We may need to remove a review after publication because:

The product may have been made obsolete and removed from our website

The product may have been upgraded and as we treat these as new products, your review may no longer be relevant.

Are they all published?

As long as our product experts consider your feedback to be relevant, we publish reviews regardless of whether you rate the product with 1 or 5 stars.

However, your review will not be published if it includes:

  • Price or ordering information     
  • Personal contact details or website links   
  • Inappropriate or offensive language
  • Customer service issues (see below)

Problem with the product?

Please do not review damaged or faulty products or an item you have received in error, your review will not be published.

Please contact our customer services team directly, they will be able to offer advice and efficiently arrange a return / replacement if required.