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Stock & Pricing

On the website we have over 3000 products available and keeping these all in stock is not possible as you can imagine. For this reason, we stock more commonly ordered machines and parts in store and more in our warehouse. This accounts for most of our stock but items that are less popular and are ordered less frequently are on a "Order Only Basis" where we will order the item in from our supplier. This can mean possible extra delays from back orders as it is not in our control.

We keep all items as in stock since most will arrive in store or be delivered within 7-10 days however some may take longer. In these cases we will always notify you if you have placed an order with all information we can and what we have obtained from the suppliers. Due to this we understand that you may not always want to go ahead with the order and we try to notify customers shortly after they have made an order so that they can decide if they are willing to proceed with the order or not.


Over the website we have the option to change prices from including VAT and excluding VAT depending on the nature of your visit to our website. This option is located in the top right hand corner of the screen and can be altered simply by clicking on either option. This will change all prices on our website to inc. or ex. VAT. 20% will be accounted for in the checkout and will be added as VAT so that you are aware.

We provide VAT numbers on all invoices from the company located at the bottom or the top of the page to allow businesses and trade customers to claim back if needed.


All prices on the website are the best prices we can do and are already discounted from store prices. We will not be able to offer any extra discounts or extra trade discounts unless it is a high value order where we can sort something out for you but this can only be done over the phone or via email. We remain the right to deny any extra discounts or offers and can decline any offers for any reason.