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Updating items in your basket:

  By default, when an item is added to the basket, only a single item will be added. If multiple items are needed (eg. 2 Chainsaw Chains) then there is either the option on the product page to increase the quantity with a plus and minus button and add it to basket or a quantity selector in the basket.

Quantity 0

 If an item has already been added to your basket and you wish to change the quantity required, then go into your basket and correct the quantity required by replacing the "1" with your desired number. If you select "0" as a quantity for an item in the checkout, a message will prompt you to whether you wish to remove the item from your basket.

  To Delete an item from your basket, there is a small delete button at the end of the product line which is in the form of a rubbish bin. Once this is pressed, a message will appear to confirm whether you wish to delete the current line item. Alternatively the quantity of the item can be set to "0" which will prompt a confirmation message.