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 Pop UpAdding items to your basket can be done in a few ways depending on where you are on the website. The most common way to add items is on the product page where there is a big "Add to Basket" button under the price of the item. (See "Product Information" if you do not know where this is located).

 When adding an item, there is the option for the quantity needed in the form of a plus and minus button which can be adjusted accordingly however this is defaulted to 1. Once the button is pressed a small pop up box will appear prompting whether you would like to continue shopping or proceed to your checkout.

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The second way to add a product to your basket is from the quick buy option that is included with related products. This option uses the same buying process as the first but is navigated to in a different way. In the bottom corner of the product located at the bottom of every product page, there is a small "Buy" link next to a "View" link. Pressing this button will open a pop up box with a summary of the item and from here you can follow the same principals and select your desired quantity followed by clicking "Add to Basket". This will add it to your basket and you will be prompted as to whether you would like to continue shopping or proceed to your checkout.







Viewing items in your basket:

   Basket Pop UpWhen you have added a product that has been selected into your basket, there will be a notification just under the "Add To Basket" button asking if you would like to continue shopping or proceed to your checkout. This is one way to view your basket item(s).

  If you are still browsing products and want to view your items at any point, simply hover over the basket icon in the top right hand corner of the screen or click on the logo and you will be taken to your basket page with all products listed on the left hand side of your screen.

  Checkout HoverThe last way to check your basket is to click the checkout button in the top right hand corner of the screen  ad you will be taken to your basket page to make any final adjustments before proceeding to complete your order details.



Updating items in your basket:

  By default, when an item is added to the basket, only a single item will be added. If multiple items are needed (eg. 2 Chainsaw Chains) then there is either the option on the product page to increase the quantity with a plus and minus button and add it to basket or a quantity selector in the basket.

Quantity 0

 If an item has already been added to your basket and you wish to change the quantity required, then go into your basket and correct the quantity required by replacing the "1" with your desired number. If you select "0" as a quantity for an item in the checkout, a message will prompt you to whether you wish to remove the item from your basket.

  To Delete an item from your basket, there is a small delete button at the end of the product line which is in the form of a rubbish bin. Once this is pressed, a message will appear to confirm whether you wish to delete the current line item. Alternatively the quantity of the item can be set to "0" which will prompt a confirmation message.

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Shipping & PaymentGoing from basket to checkout

  After all desired items have been selected and the correct quantities have been selected, you are ready to move to the delivery options. Currently the only shipping options available on the website are to the UK mainland and the Republic of Ireland. If there are any other places that you would like to ship to then please make an enquiry on 020 8908 4744.

  The next step is to select your shipping method. Clicking the dropdown will reveal all the possible options for the current items that you have. There will be the options for "Click & Collect" assembled or boxed, "White Glove Service" and "Standard Delivery". If the basket is under £150 then there will be a £5.99 postage charge however this is removed once the basket exceeds £150.

  Some products on the website cannot be shipped out due to manufacturers requests or shipping complications and will limit the possible options in the checkout. Sharp items from STIHL (eg. chainsaws) will not have any delivery options and must be collected in store.

  The following options on the lower right hand side of the page specify how you will be completing your billing information. Currently the two options we have on the website are paying by card or using PayPal to complete your order. This can be selected by pressing the button and you will be taken to a different page.

  After selecting your payment method, your details must then be entered to proceed further and then you can complete your order with us.