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Gayways Credit Account

The form is located from the main homepage of the website. Half way done on the left hand side of the screen there is a section for trade and credit accounts where you will find some information as well as the form needed to acquire a credit account with us. Alternatively you can Click Here for the form.

The Gayways credit account is a way for bigger companies to set up a 30 day credit with us for purchases. In many cases this is very useful and there is a form that must be filled in and submitted for review before any action is taken for this.

The credit account is applicable to the following types of organisations:

·         Major UK Companies

·         Local Authorities / Government Departments

·         NHS Trusts (Hospitals / GP Surgeries / Clinics)

·         Ministry of Defence

·         Universities, Schools & Colleges

·         Religious Organisations

·         Sports Facilities

In the first instance please call our sales office on 020 8908 4744 to set up the account. We will then be able to accept your official Purchase Orders on standard 30 day payment terms.

For organisations that are not included in the above list or want to activate an account, please download and complete the Credit Account Application Form (right) and return to the email or our business address. Your application will be processed with 24 hours.

For all other organisations credit accounts are offered subject to credit status (we employ a 3rd party credit reference agency to provide a credit score). There is a minimum order value of £75 ex VAT per order. We reserve the right to refuse credit for any reason.

Filling in the form:

Guidance Notes: Please read through these very carefully to avoid any complications further down the line and delays in your form completion.

·         All companies with Limited/LLP and PLC will need a Director(s) or Company Secretary signature for the application.

·         Sole traders will require the account owner to sign

·         For Partnerships, all partners must sign

·         For Clubs/Associations the Secretary/Treasurer needs to sign.

Section 2: This section must be filled in by the Directors, Sole Traders, Partners and Trustees with dates of births for all applicants.

Section 3: Must be filled in by all applicants

Section 4: For office use only DO NOT FILL IN



Company registration number - A unique combination of numbers and, in some cases, letters. The company registration number (also known as the company number, registration number or simply abbreviated to CRN) is used to identify your company and verify the fact that it is an entity registered with Companies House.

Partnership - An arrangement where parties, known as partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. The partners in a partnership may be individuals, businesses, interest-based organizations, schools, governments or combinations.

Corporation - A company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity and recognized as such in law. Early incorporated entities were established by charter.

Sole Proprietorship - A type of business entity that is owned and run by one natural person and in which there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business.

Limited Company - Liability of members or subscribers of the company is limited to what they have invested or guaranteed to the company. Limited companies may be limited by shares or by guarantee.

Limited Liability Company - A corporate structure whereby the members of the company cannot be held personally liable for the company's debts or liabilities. Limited liability companies are essentially hybrid entities that combine the characteristics of a corporation and a partnership or sole proprietorship.

Limited Partnership - Two or more partners unite to jointly conduct a business in which one or more of the partners is liable only to the extent of the amount of money that partner has invested.

Limited Liability Partnership - A partnership in which some or all partners have limited liabilities. It therefore exhibits elements of partnerships and corporations.

Public Limited Company - Legal designation of a limited liability company which has offered shares to the general public and has limited liability.

Private Limited Company - LTD, is a type of privately held small business entity. This type of business entity limits owner liability to their shares, limits the number of shareholders to 50, and restricts shareholders from publicly trading shares.