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Delivery and Billing Options


 New CustomerWhen advancing through the checkout and you have passed the initial stage of approving your basket, you will be presented with the nest screen where you must fill in your personal details. If you have not been able to get this far then please refer to “My Basket To Checkout” for more information.

 At this point in the checkout process, you would have already selected the correct quantities for your products and your correct payment method as well as delivery options. Moving forward to the next page is where your delivery address and billing details will be entered. If you are a returning customer then all of your information should be automatically filled out providing you have logged on. If you are a current customer and your details are not showing then check to see if you are logged in currently by hovering over “My account” in the top right of the website.

 New customers will have to enter all information into the fields provided. Boxes with (*) next to them are required to be filled in and will throw an error back to you when you hit send with a red box. If any field are highlighted in red then these must be amended before you are able to move forward at the checkout. Once all information is filled out for your billing address then you may move down and decide whether you would like your items to be delivered to your billing address or a different address. To adjust this, there is a “Deliver To” check box giving you the option of delivering to your billing address or to a different address.

 Terms and conditions must be checked otherwise you will not be able to proceed and these must be read in full before checking them to proceed. If at any point you do not agree with them, please give us a call to discuss any issues that you may have and we will try to clear things up and reach a conclusion. Give us a call on 020 8098 4744.Billing Footer Banner



Delivery Information If you have not managed to get to the payment section of your checkout process then please refer to “My Basket To Checkout” and “Delivery and Billing Options” for more information.

 If you have got this far, then you are very close to completing your order. At this point you will be at the payment screen where your card information must be entered. This is straightforward and follows the usual card entry steps.

 On the left of the screen you will be presented with your current choice of billing address and delivery address with the options to edit either of them or add an address if needs be. Once you are happy with this then proceed to the right hand side where you will see a number of fields asking for different parts of your card information.

*We can only accept VISA and MASTERCARD payments online*

 The first bit of information required is your long card number which is located on the front of your card and is 16 digits long. You must enter this without any spaces to correctly pass this field. The next step is entering your card validity in the form of your cards “Valid From” date and “Expiry” date. The month and year from these two dates must be separated and entered into the two boxes given for this to pass through our validation system.  

Card Information Some cards may have an issue number which is located on the bottom right hand corner. You may enter this number if you wish but it is not required to complete your payment information.

 After this you will have to enter your security number which is a 3 digit code on the back of your card next to your signature. It will follow after a 4 digit number which is not needed by us. If at any point during this whole process, you cannot find any information on your card then there are little question mark buttons next to each field with a photo showing you what exactly is required from us and where to find it on your card.

 After all of your card information has gone through you will be taken to your banks third party window asking you for your online banking details to confirm the payment. The pop up window will differ from bank to bank and we cannot offer any help for this.

 If you have a credit account with us then you have the option of selecting an alternative payment method located right at the bottom of the right hand section. This will require you to be an existing customer with us and have the information already set up.

 Once all information has been accepted and no fields have been highlighted red, you will have completed your order and will be taken to the completed order section of the website. If you have any queries or your questions have not been answered then feel free to give us a call on 020 8098 4744.

Completing my Order

 Upon completion of your order you will receive an email confirming that your order has gone through and this will contain a WEB number. This reference is used by us to monitor your order through all of its movements and if at any time you call or email regarding your order then this number is very useful for speeding up the searching process as we have a very large database which is also filled with all previous orders.

 From here you have finished your order and we will update you through email of the progress. We also send out tracking numbers as and when we can to help cover both parties in the case of the couriers misplacing the mail. This will be emailed to you when we are about to send your package off. We use either Royal Mail or UPS for our deliveries.