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Product Information

Product ImagesAll product information that we use on the site is direct from their respective managers and has not been made up by ourselves. We try to keep everything as clear as possible so we use the manufacturers description and features if possible to ensure clear and concise information.

When on the product page, there is a lot happening in front of you straight away and it can be confusing to understand what is happening and where it is happening. The main information when you first see the page only includes all relevant images, product title and subtitle, reference, price, delivery information, help and social media connectivity.

Images - The images on each page will only be relevant to the product itself and should not show use of other products that are not included. There will be as many photos as we can provide with different viewing angles to give you more confidence when buying. More times than not we will also include an action shot to give you a sense of realism to the product and help you imagine the size.

All images that are large enough will have a hover option which can be accessed simply by moving your mouse over the image. This will display a larger zoomed in photo. Every photo can also be clicked to bring up a big image that will take up the whole screen. To swap between photos all you need to do is click them and they will take the place of the current photo.

Titles - Titles are laid out in a similar fashion to denote all information as fast as possible to you. It will always begin with the brand followed by the model of the machine or name of the item. The subtitle will follow and this will describe the most common features such as size and capacity. This is the most important line for figuring out what an item is and does with what basic specs. Read further for more information on product descriptions.

Title and PriceReference - Just below the title is where the product reference is located. This piece of information is very useful for any queries you have with us as we can search it up on our system much faster with no errors. It will have letters and numbers in it.

Price -  The biggest sized price will always be the price you will be paying and it will state whether it is including or excluding VAT. If the price is red then this means it has been discounted. The RRP for the item is always locates below this and is in smaller text with the savings that you make if it is applicable listed on the right along with the percentage saved.

Delivery Information - Below the price of the machine there will always show the stock availability followed by the delivery availability. Some items cannot be shipped out and must be collected from our store and this is stated. STIHL and MOUNTFIELD for example have restricted delivery on most items meaning that they can't be delivered.

help and Assistance Tab

Help - There is a bar with a few buttons that offers help and assistance for your chosen product. There is a "Email a Friend" button which will direct you to our contact form which will allow you to quickly send a message over via email to a friend which will inform them of the product and its offer.

The next button allows you to send a message to us directly regarding the particular product. It will come straight to us and we aim to respond as fast as possible.

The third button is a bookmark button to save the page to your browsers bookmarks for future reference.

The last button adds the product to your wishlist if you are a registered customer with our website. If you are not then you will be prompted to register.

Social Media Connectivity - We are linked with social media and invite you to give us a like or tweet about us; maybe even add us to your Google circle or pin us!

UpsellProduct Information Tabs

The next main section on the website is where all the information for the product is situated. Over here you will find a full description as well as a features list and a full technical specification. These can all be accessed using the tabs. Clicking on the tabs will select them and a page will appear with the relevant information.

Description - The product description will explain everything about the product and what it does and what it's for. This is the main bit of information and is not summarised for you.

Features - Features do not appear on all products but contain a summarised list of characteristics of that particular product.

Technical Specification -  This is in the form of a table for easy reading and lists all the product information in a simple and quick way. This is most useful with comparing to other products.

Review - The last tab is a review tab which will be reviewed and then published on the website if you make one. This is the place for you to view other peoples reviews if they have left one or write your own.

Related Products

Using our in-depth knowledge of products we have selected certain products that we think you might need. We have listed them for almost every product and this can be found at the bottom after the product description.

The first tab is "accessories" and will contain all relevant accessories for that particular product or items that go really well. (eg. attachments for a multi tool). There is an arrow on the left and right for navigating through more related products if there are any.

The second tab is called "consumables" and contains all items which you would need spares for (eg. Oils and Lubricants) fairly regularly. We have selected the most relevant products to suit the item you are looking at.

The last tab is called "Protective Clothing" and has a selected recommended set of clothing for use of the product or in relation to the product. We will always recommend suitable clothing for the job and we do recommend purchasing a set if you have no safety clothes for the work.

Below this section we have the "Related Products" section where we place similar items to that product whether it be variations or a few models below and above to give you a selection and a point of comparison.

Related Products