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Finding Products

Finding products on the website can be a hard job and does require a bit of knowledge when it comes to what you need. If you already know the product that you are after then this makes things much easier as all categories on the website are broken down into categories and then split up again to help find groups of items.

Products are split into 6 different categories of which have many different sub-categories. These are very straightforward.

·         Machines

·         Accessories

·         Consumables

·         Hand Tools For Forestry & Landscaping

·         Merchandise

·         PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

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Machines - This category holds all of the main machines and anything that has a motor or engine. This will include base units of machines and full units but might not include attachments (eg. multi-tool attachments) since these are accessories for that type of item. This category is then split up into different types of machines and is split as much as possible to make it more refined when searching into the category.  

Accessories - This category is placed right next to machinery as it contains all the accessories needed for the relevant machines. This could be in the form of extra kit for your machine or extra tools such as carry cases and simple tools for the machine or related. This is different from consumables. Consumables are parts that will need replacing often (eg. Blades and Files) whereas accessories are extras for the unit which may need replacing after a while but nowhere near as soon as a consumable (eg. Carry Case).

Consumables - This section contains all of the items which you would typically go through constantly (eg. Oils and strimmer line). This section is broken down into the types of consumables you can get (eg. Brushcutter Consumables, Forestry Consumables etc.) This is not to be confused with accessories. If you are unsure then visit both sections of the shop and you will find what you are looking for.

Hand Tools For Forestry & Landscaping - Here you will find all manners of hand tools that are used from gardening applications (eg. secateurs) all the way to forestry tools (eg. cantilevers). This is a very broad section and mainly covers heavier duty work.

Merchandise -  This section is full of clothing and accessories from brands which are labelled as casual wear and have no safety purpose. They are very useful for going to work and just supporting your brand if you like them. There is a number of products available.

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment is the safety category (there has to be at least one!) on the website filled with different types of clothing and accessories all used for protection during work and heavy duty work. This can range from general garden use all the way to commercial and forestry use.  We have split this up into the types of clothing you can get to make it as easy as possible.

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Filter Combos

Throughout the site we have implemented a very Filter Comboin depth filter system for every section to aid you in finding exactly what you want. These filters are broken down into specific sections to help really refine searches and remove all products that do not match you target item. This could be in the form of denoting a particular bar size or clothing size etc. It can be used massively to your advantage when picking out new machines and comparing prices.

When a page is loaded the filters are located on the left hand side of the screen and will always remain there while you are on the product grid page. You can filter brands and engines as well as how your machine is powered etc. Only a few filters will be expanded so that you can see all the options. The others will be closed and require pressing the little drop down arrow on the right hand side to expand them and see the options.

Price bands and weights are located at the bottom of the filter menu on all pages as well as tailored filters for each product category. To add a filter to your results, simply click on the circle next to the option  and it will add it to your results.  Your current selection of filters can be edited at any time from the top of the filter options. They can be removed by clicking the little circle cross located on the right side at the top of the filter selection.

Be aware that the more filter combos you select, the lower the number of results. This can cause frustration sometimes when too many filters are chosen and no products are visible. This can be averted by removing one filter at a time until the desired results are reached as there may be no products matching all of your exact requirements, but may be close.


Navigating the Product Grid

When any category is selected, there will be a lot of products loading up all with roughly the same style of information. We try to keep everything as similar as possible to make it easier for you to browse through huge ranges of products without getting confused.

Each product on the grid will have a single thumbnail showing you the product followed by the product summary underneath. Here we have the Brand first followed by the exact model of the machine or part name for single items (eg. accessories). The next two lines of information will state the size of the products nature (eg. Bar size or Capacity etc.) followed by the power type, the cc and the type of machine it is. If it is a part or a single item then it will have a short description or compatible models listed.

Product IconUnder this we have the prices. If the first price is in red then it has been reduced and the reduction amount can be found below it where it states the RRP and the amount saved with the exact percentage. This is the best price we can give for these products and it is discounted more than in store prices. Only in special instances will we be able to negotiate these prices. Give us a call on 020 8908 4744 if you have any enquiries on any items.

The product grid page also has options for sorting the pages through different orders (eg. Alphabetical, Price) as well as different views (eg. Grid or List View) which can all be chosen at the top of the grid under the navigation bars. On the right of these selections there is also the page selection which is at the top and bottom of the page to help you navigate though pages as fast as possible. If there aren't enough products on the page or too many, you can adjust this from the bottom of the page just below the products. It is a little scale allowing you to select how many products are viewable per page.