Unleash Precision with the Stihl HSA 130 R 30″ Blade Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Stihl HSA 130 R 30″ Blade: A High-Performance Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Stihl HSA 130 R 30″ blade is an exceptional cordless hedge trimmer designed for professional use. With its low blade speed for powerful cuts and a range of innovative features, it’s the perfect tool for tackling even the toughest hedge trimming tasks. In this article, we’ll explore the key features and benefits of this high-performance hedge trimmer.

Features and Benefits:

High-Performance Cutting: The Stihl HSA 130 R boasts high-performance cutting capabilities, making it suitable for professional use. Its low blade speed ensures powerful and precise cuts, allowing you to trim hedges with ease.

Constant Stroke Rate: This hedge trimmer maintains a consistent stroke rate even under heavy loads. This feature ensures that you can work efficiently without interruptions, even when trimming dense or overgrown hedges.

Rotating Multi-Function Handle: The trimmer features a rotating multi-function handle with three-setting stroke rates. This ergonomic design allows you to adjust the handle to your preferred position, providing comfort and control during operation.

Double-Sided Cutting Blade: The pruning version of the HSA 130 R comes with a double-sided cutting blade. This design allows you to cut both vertically and horizontally, making it versatile for various trimming tasks.

Screw-On Cut and Tip Protector: The trimmer includes a screw-on cut and tip protector. This protective feature reduces the risk of injury to the user and ensures easy replacement when the protector shows signs of wear and tear.

STIHL Connected 2A: The trimmer now features a recess for STIHL connected 2A, enhancing its connectivity and functionality.

Tougher Motor: The HSA 130 R comes with a new motor that uses embedded magnets for increased durability and performance.

Freely Mounted Loop Handle: The trimmer’s loop handle is freely mounted, reducing vibrations and optimizing sound values for a more comfortable and quieter trimming experience.


Working Time with Recommended AR 2000 L Battery: Up to 690 minutes
Recommended Set Includes: Bar Length 30″ + AR 200 L + AR L Carrying System + AL 500
Standard Features:

Tip Protection: The trimmer includes tip protection as standard, preventing damage to the blade, gear, and nearby objects such as natural stone walls. It also facilitates cutting ground cover plants.

Screw-On Cut Protection: This feature reduces the risk of injury to the user and allows for easy replacement when the protection wears out.

Swiveling Multi-Function Handle: The handle rotates by 90° in both directions, ensuring the best cutting position at all times.

Adjustable Blade Stroke: The blade stroke is 3-setting adjustable, allowing you to customize the blade speed for various tasks.

Cutting Variation (R): The R variations of the STIHL HS 82 and HS 87 are designed for large volume cutting, with wide tooth spacing and longer tooth height for tackling thicker branches and clearing work quickly.

STIHL Electric Motor (EC): The STIHL electric motor is energy-efficient, lightweight, compact, quiet, and low-vibration, requiring minimal servicing.

The Stihl HSA 130 R 30″ blade is the ultimate choice for professionals seeking a high-performance cordless hedge trimmer. With its innovative features and robust design, it’s a valuable addition to any landscaping toolkit.

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