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Tips on How to operate Your Mower Safely

Tips on How to operate Your Mower Safely

1. Do not operate the engine in a confined space where dangerous carbon
monoxide fumes can collect.
2. Mow only in daylight or good artificial light.
3. If possible avoid operating the equipment on wet grass.
4. Always be sure of your footing on slopes.
5. Walk, never run and do not allow yourself to be pulled along by the lawnmower.
6. Mow across the face of slopes, never up and down.
7. Exercise extreme caution when changing direction on slopes.
8. Do not mow on slopes of more than 20 degrees.
9. Exercise extreme caution when pulling the lawnmower towards you.
10. Stop the blade if the lawnmower has to be tilted for transportation when crossing
surfaces other than grass, and when transporting the lawnmower to and from the
area to be mown.
11. Never operate the lawnmower with defective guards, or without safety devices,
such as the stone-guard and/or grass-catcher, in place.
12. Do not change the engine governor settings or over-rev the engine.
13. On power-driven models, disengage the drive clutch before starting the engine.
14. Start the engine carefully, following the instructions and keeping feet well away
from the blade.
15. Do not tilt the lawnmower when starting the engine. Start the engine on a flat
surface that is free of obstacles and tall grass.
16. Do not put your hands or feet near or under rotating parts.

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