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TUFF TORQ Hydrostatic Transmissions
Why Choose Us

Tuff Torq is a leading global supplier of hydraulic and drive-train components with offices in Japan, Europe and America. Our products are used by major OEMs that include Husqvarna, John Deere, Yanmar, MTD, Briggs & Stratton, Grillo, Daedong (Korea), Foton Lovol and World (China),  just to name a few.

Driving Your Best Ideas
The Tuff Torq message is simple: We manufacture drive systems that transform ordinary into extraordinary as we deliver solutions that not only best fit our customers’ needs, but create value for the end user. It reflects our drive to excellence, a bold approach — Driving Your Best Ideas.

The spirit of “Yawaragi” and our Japanese heritage drive our commitment and dedication to creating a better world by achieving harmony with the demands of the marketplace. Through an active exchange of constructive opinions, mutual wisdom and vigorous cooperation, Tuff Torq works in harmony with our business partners to assure growth and prosperity for all.

All inquiries for Technical Sales, Parts, and Warranty: amarparmar@hotmail.co.uk

Tuff Torq have an extremely helpful web site, much of which is "open access".

For instructions for using this website, click here

This site carries a wealth of technical information, transmission identification, parts lists and TROUBLE SHOOTING flow charts.

If you would like additional help or would like to order parts please email us tufftorq@gaywaysltd.co.uk and our Tuff Torq parts specialist team will get back to you.


Tuff Torq warranty their transmissions for 2 years in domestic use and 90 days in commercial use. A copy of the Tuff Torq warranty policy and conditions will be supplied upon request. We will deal with warranty issues and process claims regardless of the brand of host machine or where it was purchased. The normal avenue of approach for end users is via the supplying dealer but in case of difficulty contact us directly.

Trade customers may wish to print the Warranty Claim Form, complete it and fax or post it back to us.


Before navigating/using this website you will need to identify which transaxle you are working with eg:- K46, K55, K574 etc., or the Tuff Torq part number of the transaxle which typically begins with a 7a….number, and the serial number of the transaxle. The serial number usually starts K***-123456.eg K46G-123145. Be aware that Tuff Torq use alpha O & I in their K model number designations e.g. K46O, not zero and K46I, not one!

This information can usually be found on a white label fixed to the right hand axle casing.

Using the link on our website go to the Tuff Torq home page. Once there, save it to your “Favourites or Bookmarks” list or your desktop.

The front page of the Tuff Torq website has the Tuff Torq logo in red and blue in the top left hand corner.


Above this picture in the red bar are the words “catalogue shop”. Click on these words.

Next page:- in the centre of the screen below the word “category” is the word “hydrostatic” in blue. Click on that word.

Next page:- This is a list in alpha-numeric order of all the transaxles by Tuff Torq. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page will bring you to some “page forward” and “page back” arrows. Navigate your way through the pages until you find the transaxle you are working with e.g.- K574.
Click on “K574” in blue towards the centre of the page (ie:- nearest the picture of the transaxle).

Next page:- This is a list of all available K574 transaxles. Scroll down until you find the transaxle you are working with e.g. K574F. Click on “K574F” in blue towards the centre of the page as before. This will bring you to all the variants of “K574F” transaxles.

Next page:- Lowest level list of K574F variants. At this stage you may need the serial number of the box you are working with. Towards the right of the page you will see a cross reference consisting of a machine e.g. Stiga, and a product number for the box typically beginning 7A……., or 787…….. Locate your transaxle.

When you have located your transaxle, to the left of the page/line you have selected there will be an icon in red depicting a parts diagram. Click on that red diagram. This brings you to an exploded parts diagram for your transaxle.

Next page:- The main screen shows the parts diagram. To the left you will see triangular buttons in blue that allow you to zoom in and out, and to scroll left and right, up and down. Each part in the diagram has an associated number e.g. “15”. This number is linked to a part number.

Your screen is now split into two sections. At the bottom of your screen you will find a parts list with the actual part numbers for the parts you require. You may either scroll down this list to the part e.g. “15” or you can **click on the number in the diagram and the part will be automatically highlighted for you in the list below.

N.B.- Tuff Torq do not show individual part numbers for seals. These are normally part of a “seal kit” which will include a filter and a tube of sealant. However, TGM can supply “popular” individual seals e.g. axle seals. Contact us.

**This feature may not work with browsers other than Internet Explorer



Firstly, you may order by fax 020 8904 6520 quoting the relevant Tuff Torq part number, a brief description, and the quantity required. Please ensure that we have full postal details for you on the fax, and a contact telephone number. You may telephone in advance with card payment details, or you may include these on your faxed order. Our fax is secure.

The details we need to process your order are:- long number from the front of the card, valid from date, expiry date, last three digits from the security number on the reverse of the card, the post-code and, if applicable, the street number to which the card is registered. We do not accept American Express.

Finally, you may order by e-mail to tufftorq@gaywaysltd.co.uk . All the same details are required but do not send card details by e-mail.

In the normal course of events we will advise that the unit is taken to your regular garden machinery dealer for repair. Not only does this avoid the need to ship a heavy item around the country but also means that the repairer can test the transmission in the host machine. If we carry out a repair without the host machine we can only bench test it. We will of course supply your dealer with all the parts and technical backup needed to complete the job. The exception to this preference for local repair is the model K55 transmission. This unit was used in many machines including Countax, Westwood, Husqvarna and Stiga but has been out of production for several years. Subject to certain conditions we will take these transmissions back for repair in our workshop.

If you have an issue with one of these units please phone our Service Department 0208 908 4744, 09:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday. Probably better to talk than email, as there are various options to discuss!

This unit has been used in newer Countax and Westwood tractors. Many of these units are starting to show signs of wear, particularly if they have not had regular oil changes – typically loosing power when hot, particularly in reverse. Due to the cost of repair parts and labour it is usually recommended that a new box be fitted. We can supply the latest K46 CM that is a direct replacement for the 46E or supply repair kits for rebuilding worn boxes. Another option is to rebuild K46E units to a higher specification by the addition of an internal charge pump effectively turning them into the heavier duty K57.

For more details talk to our Service Department – 0208 908 4744.

A few things to check before concluding that there is an internal problem with the transmission.

Is there sufficient oil in the transmission?

Is the by-pass valve fully closed? – often referred to as the dump, freewheel or tow valve.

Is the brake binding?

Is the transmission being properly driven? – is the drive belt in good condition and being correctly tensioned when   “in drive”?

Is the transmission pulley actually turning the input shaft? – worn splines    in the pulley boss can result in a pulley that rotates but doesn’t drive the box. Usually audible as a harsh metallic noise.

Are the “instructions” from the control lever or pedal actually being relayed to the box? Check for out of   adjustment machine linkages or even a fractured or missing roll pin where the control arm fits to the control shaft where it enters the box.